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computer software
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6 Langham Place, Westham, Phoenix, 4068

Country of Origin
South Africa
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6 Langham Place

Phone: 0317648557 (W)
0315074498 (H)
0845074498 (Cell)

Fax: 0865650065


Vineshan Chetty

Personal Information
 Marital status: Married
 Nationality: South African
 Age: 37
 Place of Birth: South Africa
 Identity No: 730211 5148 085
Licences Drivers Licence – code 14

Matriculation Exemption Westham Secondary School
Mathematics, Geography, Biology, English, Afrikaans, Metalwork

Electrical Engineering N1, N2, N3 L. C. Johnson Technical College
Industrial Electronics N1, N2, N3, Engineering Science N1, N2, N3, Electrical Trade Theory N1, N2, N3, Mathematics N1, N2, N3

Microsoft Access 97 New Horizons Learning Centre
Intermediate course
Expert course

Visual Basic 6.0 C. S. Holdings Pty (Ltd)
Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals (beginner)
Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop (intermediate)

Short Courses Project Quality Education System – Three month course on the principals and the application of Total Quality Management within the workplace
P. O. N. C. – One month course on the Price of Non – Conformance within a workplace and how to minimise cost by working productively
Footwear Manufacturing – Level 2 - One-year course on the manufacturing processes of footwear, ranging from the Tannery to the retail shop.
MS Access 97 – In house training

Work experience 1994 – 2008 (Combined duties) Michelle Footwear Durban
Software Tester and General IT duties
 Worked as a production clerk for 1yr
• Daily bookings of production output per department
• Updated and distributed quality and production reports on a weekly basis
• Feed back to department managers on progress of output per day
• Ensure that daily departmental targets are met

 Applied and received a promotion to production planner– 2yrs
• Daily scheduling of production orders to be ready for delivery within the delivery date
• Ensuring that all components for orders scheduled are available when going into production
• Ensuring that the delivery dates for these orders are met
• Attend weekly meetings with management to discuss schedule variations and to feed back on late deliveries and required extensions
• Create reports on quality and quantity per day
• Communicate with department managers on priorities that need to be addressed urgently

• Work closely with the marketing department on orders brought in and making sure that the customers are informed early of any orders that will not be ready for delivery when required.

 Promoted to Software Tester – 5yrs (Current)
• Testing the programs according to the technical specifications and where there is a non-conformance, the resultant bugs are communicated to the programmer
• During testing, check that the technical specification is practical and communicate with the systems analyst with regard to changes to specifications
• Creating Technical Specifications for programs and ensuring that the program is working according to the specifications
• Training users on new in-house applications, MS word 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, and access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003
• Assisting users with any issues relating to the programs
• Designing of queries, forms, and reports on demand using access 97
• Daily invoice importation
• Management of computer consumables and hardware

 Promoted to VB trainee / developer
• Testing programs in debug mode
• Making minor fixes where necessary

 Working with Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007
• Making changes to reports in access 2000, 2002, 2003 where converted from previous versions
• Create reports
• Make and amend queries (append, delete, update, maketable)
• Create tables
• Create and amend macros
• Worked with SQL 2000 and SQL 2005

Windows 2000 Installation and Administration

Installing, configuring, and administering Windows 2000 Professional
 Maintaining backups on a daily basis
 Maintained virus protection on servers & workstations
 Monitoring backup jobs on a daily basis
 Added new hardware to machines such as display cards and sound cards
 Forwarded recommendations to customers when purchasing / upgrading
 Some tasks included adding users to a domain, setting policies and
profiles, setting rights such as printer and access rights
 Working with SQL daily

Software Support Administrator

 Offering complete support to users with software issues, access related issues using Access 2000, 2002, 2003
 Maintaining the role of administrator
 Supporting over 40 pcs in all aspects

2008 Assistant Manager (Housekeeping) Holiday Inn Sandton Johannesburg

 Manage the housekeeping staff with cleaning of hotel rooms
 Working on the Opera system making rooms clean when dirty
 Working closely with maintenance to bring rooms back to clean status
 Doing periodic checks on the room cleaners to ensure maximum standards
 Hold weekly meetings with cleaners to ensure cleanliness and tidiness
 Employing staff for the linen department
 Working with the housekeeping contractors (Prestige Cleaners) and commenting on present staff
 Forecasting on occupancy and relating to contractors for more cleaners
 Assisting guests with supplies, amenities
 Working in accordance with the brand standard of the company
 Teaching cleaners to respect the guests and assist them
 Ordering of supplies for the rooms
 Creating excel sheets for inventory purposes
 Stock controlling

2009 – 2010 I.T. Software support and developer (current) – Albertina Bay Technologies

 Software testing
 Creating stored procedures using SQL 2005
 Developing software using reporting services, microsoft access
 Modifying of reports
 Testing VB applications
 Creating functional specifications
 Creating user manuals
 Customer support related to the software created and disbursed

Software Knowledge  MS Access 97 - 2000 - 2002 - 2003– 3yrs – working with tables, queries, macros, and forms during software testing, software creation
(medium – advanced user)
 MS word 97 – 2000 – 2002 – 2003 - 2007 – 3 yrs – creating various types of documents (medium – advanced user)
 MS Excel 97 – 2000 – 2002 – 2003 - 2007 –3yrs – creating formulas and graphs (medium – advanced user)
 MS works – 3yrs – converting excel worksheets to MS works for use by other users (medium – advanced user)
 Visual Basic 6.0 – Checking code, testing code, running code, writing minor code (beginner – medium)

Interests and activities  Learning Access, Visual Basic 6.0, and SQL, participating in sport, reading, and Coin Collecting
 Member of the Events Organising committee of the Social club
 Planning and fixturing of events

 To continuously strive to improve and learn as there is never too much information.
 To be the strong link in the chain as a team is only as strong as the weakest link
 To surpass all expectations and become a driving force in any working environment

References  Cor Lourens (Industrial Engineer) M L Sultan Technikon (Cell) 0832260179

 Kobus Cronje (Computer Programmer) Tukuza Software
(Cell) 0827778400

 Selvan Pillay (System Administrator) KZN technologies
(Cell) 0844459400 (Work) 0314679400

 Deon Meyer (Visual Basic Programmer) Albertina Bay Technologies
(Cell) 0828736488 (Work) 0317648553

 Tharushen Govender (System administrator) Business Connexion
(Cell) 0828451015

 Nikki Arazym (Software Developer) Albertina Bay Technologies
(W) 0317648559 0824352280

About Myself I matriculated from Westham Secondary School in 1990, obtaining my matriculation exemption. I studied electrical engineering and industrial electronics to pick up a trade but reaching my N3 in these studies was more of a hindrance than an assist as I could not obtain an apprenticeship but on reaching too high a standard. I did not feel that that was the end of my rope, though and decided to start at the bottom as a normal operator in a company called Michelle Footwear. I did not believe for a second that that was my calling and did not hesitate to apply myself to grow within that company. Starting as a normal operator, I wrote the relevant assessment tests for vacancies within the company and was immediately recognized as a candidate with massive potential. I moved up within the company as a planner and was further promoted into the I.T. department. At that time, I knew absolutely nothing about the I. T. environment as was told that I have a month to either make it or I was out. That did not deter me and I grasped the opportunity with both hands. I started as a software tester and never looked back. As time progressed, I was put in charge of all of the software being created, modified, and being used. I offered software support for fifty users, dealing with any queries, enhancements, and various bug fixes. After working at Michelle Footwear for fourteen years, I realized that there was no more room for growth and decided to try my hand at another career. I relocated to Johannesburg to try my hand in the hospitality industry. I worked at a hotel called the Holiday Inn Sandton. It was a new and exciting experience. I took on the role of assistant housekeeper and performed a whole set of duties (as listed within my work experience). During this period, I always felt that I was being under used and when I was offered a position at Albertina Bay Technologies, in Durban, being homesick and wanting a challenge, I jumped at that opportunity. I started at Albertina Bay Technologies in 2009 and am currently employed here. I was employed as a software tester but have since created stored procedure in SQL 2005, developed reports and applications within Access 2003 and 2007 and even dabbled in reporting services. While I appreciate my position here at Albertina Bay, I do not feel that this is home. I feel that my heart is somewhere else and that may be with you. What I should also mention, which is of great importance, is that my credit history is not healthy. During my younger years, I created a huge financial hole that I could not get out off and after consulting with a few financial debtors, it became obvious to me that my best solution was to sequestrate myself, which I was successful in doing. I currently pay my trustees to clear my debts. This was necessary to ensure that at some stage I get some financial stability. It must be mentioned that while I am currently sequestrated, I am honest, loyal, and always carry myself as a role member for others. I do not believe in theft, dishonesty, and any acts of discrimination against others as I always believe there is a higher power and our judgement is reserved. I have total faith in my abilities and have never known failure, irrespective of what challenge lies ahead.

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